Tiffin Junior Tournament

GINGERBREAD NETBALLERSThank you and congratulations to everyone who baked, cooked, iced, decorated, donated, sold, merchandised and made endless cups of tea and coffee at Sunday’s Tiffin Junior Tournament. Special thanks to SJ for organising everything and to Philiippa for amazing coffee and expertise. To celebrate our success, here’s a picture of Kerry’s AMAZING sell-out gingerbread netballers. Enjoy!



Tiffin Netball Club searching for circle defenders!

DefenderHere at Tiffin Netball Club we’re looking for experienced circle defenders (GD/GK) to join us this season to play in our competitive teams competing in the Regional, Poly, Surrey and Metropolitan leagues. Please get in touch if you’re interested and do feel free to come down to a training session or two to try us out. We train every Monday evening near Kingston and we play each Saturday in and around South West London.

Please do contact Trudy on tiffin.netballclub@hotmail.com for more information or have a look around the website to find out more about us.

Tiffin – 2014 Surrey Rally Champions!

Two super squads from Tiffin took to the very sunny Nonsuch School courts on Saturday to compete in the annual start of season Surrey Rally. Over four hours of netball were played between us with lots of new combinations being tested. Big congratulations to our super Tiffin A team who were crowned overall champions, winning both glory and some very shiny medals too!

Our 2014 Surrey Rally winning Tiffin A squadThe Tiffin B squad had a great day getting to know each other – big shout out to Philippa for bringing the newly coined ‘Official Tiffin Gazebo’ – and ended up mid-table in the plate competition. After a challenging morning with three games ending in draws, we upped our game in the afternoon and won ourselves some well-deserved victories.


Here’s to a fantastic season of netball and good luck to everyone playing in the first matches this weekend!

Tiffin training – summer dates announced

So, ladies, the time has come to put the ice cream down. It’s time to start our summer pre-season training!

Training will be held at at Tiffin Girls School , Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5PL from 7:30pm – 9:30pm on the dates below:

  • Monday 4th August
  • Monday 11th August
  • Monday 18th August
  • Tuesday 26th August
  • Monday 1st September
  • Monday 8th September

Following this we will return to Holy Cross school from Monday 15th September. All training and most fixture dates and times can now be found on the website calendar here.

Tiffin Netball Club – final trials this Saturday

Tiffin Netball Club – final trials this Saturday

Our final trials for the 2014/2015 netball season are this Saturday, 10:45 – 12:45 at Tiffin Girls School, Richmond Road, KT2 5PL. All are very welcome so please do come along – we’re looking for netballers of all abilities to play in our four fantastic teams, including our elite regional squad. You’ll be greeted by our very friendly Members Secretary who can tell you more about the club, guide you through the warm up and cheer you on as you trial.

For more information and a trials form please do email our Members Secretary Claire on welcometotiffin@gmail.com or tweet us on @tiffinnetball.

Tiffin Netball Club 2014/2015 Trial Dates Announced

Tiffin Netball Club’s 2014/2015 trial dates have been announced!

If you’d like to join our competitive and friendly club for the 2014/2015 netball season please do come along to our trials. We’re looking for netballers of all abilities to play in our four fantastic teams, including our elite regional squad.

All trials will be held at Tiffin Girls School, Richmond Road, KT2 5PL on the following dates:

Saturday 14th June 10:45 – 12:45
Tuesday 1st July 19:30 – 21:30
Saturday 19th July 10:45 – 12:45

For more information and a trials form please do email our Members Secretary Claire on welcometotiffin@gmail.com or tweet us on @tiffinnetball.

Tiffin takes the Cup at Fairlands Rally

TIFFIN VERSATILITY WINNERSA super team of 7 took to the court in the Fairlands Versatility Rally 2014. With 4 players whose first position is either GD or GK – we had super height but were lacking in the all-important department – shooting, with only one first position GA/GS in the lineup. Lynda donned the Whites for us and offered words of encouragement like, “just as long as you have people either side of Claire who can shoot, it can’t be toooo bad”.

Jo furrowed her brow as she sought the most strategic first line up to ensure success throughout the day (and did a brilliant job of it). SJ was all smiles as she took to the court – and that smile didn’t leave her face from start to finish – it’s great to have you back SJ! Sere didn’t appreciate the ribbing for her attacking style and showed everyone just what a brilliant GA/GS she can be. Nicky got super excited when she got to play out of position, which to be fair for her is really only C and WA… Morgan played like a champion in her last day in the Tiffin Blue before she moves home to her native Australia (we miss you already Morgs and you haven’t left yet!). Miranda showed us why she was Tiffin Player of the Year and stole the show in every position she played in.

With 100% wins in the pools we were sure we’d come up against Cobham or Gems in the Final. After a nail-biter in their pool match the two teams knocked each other out of the race seeing Fairland’s Over 35s run through the middle to meet us on the centre court! The first few bibs came out ok, with Smiley SJ in GA, and usual suspects in the defence end… but when Claire was handed the GS bib the groans from Tiffin were audible on the football pitch… Manning up, Claire decided to play a support role/chief rebounder putting a ton of pressure on GA SJ to get the ball in the net. The balls were coming down thick and fast from the defence end and SJ smiled her way through the pressure and shot for success.

We want you!

Tiffin is just finalising details for its June trials for the 2014/2015 season. We are always keen to meet new netballers who are interested in joining the club, so if you would like us to keep you posted about trial dates, please email Claire on welcometotiffin@gmail.com and we’ll get in contact when dates and times are confirmed.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Tiffin Tans and Squash!

What a match and what a perfect day for the match! The sun was smiling on us creating a great opportunity for Tiffin dress shaped Tans. Tiffin came on all guns blazing but met a worthy opponent in Hillcrest. The first quarter yo yo’d with Hillcrest taking the lead, then Tiffin, then Hillcrest. Lizzie took the WA out of the game and was a created a lot of turnover opportunity. Sophie M and Tess worked together beautifully in the defence end picking up a ton of intercepts. In the attack end, Sophie P capitalised on this with a near perfect shooting average, and Rachel proved a brilliant addition to the team able to easily shake off her defence. Quarter time score: Tiffin in the lead by just one goal.

 Quite a few team changes at quarter time to maximise the use of our brilliant bench. Helen came on in WA and picked up some fantastic intercepts on the fly. Nadia took the C bib and showed us that she didn’t want to take that off as she smashed through the rest of the match in the centre of the court. Tori was brought on to WD to help us bring the ball out of the defence end and did so with grace.  Finished the 2nd quarter another one up to make it 23:21 to Tiffin.

 Claire brought herself off the bench in the 3rd quarter to add some fresh legs in the defence end and realised just how hard the girls were working on court! SJ came back on court in the WA spot with the determination of a Roman army. The girls all clicked in this quarter and the turnovers were rewarded on a consistent basis, Katie working in spectacular style with Rachel in the circle, finishing the third quarter at a whopping 38:27.

 Hillcrest came on in the last quarter determined to shut down our roll, but Tiffin dug their heels in to win the quarter by 2 goals – taking the final time score to 48:35 to Tiffin. It was such a glorious day that it was the first game of the season that no one wanted teas after the match – squash anyone!?

Gale conditions don’t stop Tiffin A team!

Blowing a gale at Tiffin home ground in Cheam, the A team decided to be a bigger force than nature! We were under pressure, last time we won a hard fought match against Teddington Club by just one goal and they were hungry to prove that they were the better team.

After a shaky start that saw Teddington a few goals in the lead, Tiffin fought back with Sarah P’s savvy holds meaning the defence couldn’t get near the ball. It was a solid effort down the court with brilliant mid court defence and beautiful turnover rewards. Carlie was keen to prove herself in her first game for her new club Tiffin – and we’ve never seen someone fit into a team more seamlessly – sorry to the other clubs in the region – she’s joined us! (Welcome aboard Carlie!) Finishing the first quarter 2 goals up, Tiffin didn’t rest on their laurels and made use of the best bench we’ve ever had.

Shaking things up in the defence end in the 2nd quarter with the Sophie’s leading the charge. Sophie M had a cracker of a quarter in GK collecting numerous intercepts. Nadia came on from the bench all guns blazing and had her hand on what seemed like every Teddington ball from her position in the Centre. Still – in our second quarter we were no match for the Teddington defence, who fought back to finish the quarter 2 goals in the lead.

Tiffin responded by bringing on their secret weapon Katie whose smiling style had Teddington at a loss. In what was a sterling quarter, Lizzie lept into effect – keeping the WA right out of the game. Helen had a stormer in GS getting the highest shooting stats of the match. We finished the quarter one in the lead…

Tiffin made use of its depth of squad in this match bringing Tori and Claire back on for the final quarter. Tori put all of her energy into her WA quarter and made sure the ball was where we needed it to be. Sophie N had another winning quarter – enough to earn the respect of the opposition and secure Player of the Match and Sophie M had a stunning quarter in GD – enough to clinch her the coveted Players Player.

On the final whistle Tiffin were ahead by 2 and super proud of the win– another hard fought game against a worthy opponent. It feels good to win against a great team, doesn’t it?