What a fortnight Netball in England! We’re all exhausted from the early starts last week! Just before the team took off to Sydney, England Netball came down to join us in Twickenham to see what we were up to!

Elaine (Coach/Player/Chief) and Nicky (Regional Captain/Personal Trainer extraordinaire) took us through our 1st weights session and here is what Elaine had to say about the experience.

“Along with the coaches, Nicky and I wanted to have a really structured pre-season to ensure we all hit the season in peak condition. Held at world-class facility at St Mary’s University, our aim was to ensure that everyone became familiar with using free weights as this should form part of our training programmes outside of netball.

“These exercises will be part of the seasons training programme, in order to try and maximise performance as well as help reduce injury risk. (Elaine’s area of interest & expertise). More women are engaging in regular weight training and seeing the benefits and for netball players the benefits are undeniable.”

Everyone loved the session and we all got a lot out of it, the weights were fun, and it was even followed by quick, high-intensity circuits at the end – there’s no stopping us!

This training will complement the skills based and tactical training through the season that our wonderful coaches put together and we all look forward to a great season ahead.

Keep your eye out in England Netball mag for the official article. Go Tiffs!

Weights1 Weights 3 Weights 2


Tiffin training – summer dates announced

So, ladies, the time has come to put the ice cream down. It’s time to start our summer pre-season training!

Training will be held at at Tiffin Girls School , Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5PL from 7:30pm – 9:30pm on the dates below:

  • Monday 4th August
  • Monday 11th August
  • Monday 18th August
  • Tuesday 26th August
  • Monday 1st September
  • Monday 8th September

Following this we will return to Holy Cross school from Monday 15th September. All training and most fixture dates and times can now be found on the website calendar here.

Getting back into the swing of it

Well, our first trials were a great success. We had a lovely turn out from old and new players and everyone really enjoyed being back on the court again. We managed our usual warm up which was set up from last years coach Morgan and everyone (except perhaps one person!) remembered the routine. We then went straight into the games and while we were a little rusty after a break, we were quickly back into the swing of some great Tiffin netball.

And really, the best part of the day was seeing everyone again!

We are always looking for experienced netball players to join us at Tiffin. If you’re curious about us, drop us an email at tiffin.netballclub@hotmail.com and say hello!

We want you!

Tiffin is just finalising details for its June trials for the 2014/2015 season. We are always keen to meet new netballers who are interested in joining the club, so if you would like us to keep you posted about trial dates, please email Claire on welcometotiffin@gmail.com and we’ll get in contact when dates and times are confirmed.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Cobham B plays hard ball

Cobham B were ringing for reinforcements after a first quarter smashing from Tiffin which saw Tiffin in the lead 11 to 4. Captain Claire had given Tiffin a goal: get out there hard, early, and get a healthy lead! With Nadia and Katie leading the charge in the attacking circle Tiffin was on the offence. Tori had a cracker of a quarter in WA leaving her defender in the dust. While there was a quite a lot of time with no goals scored as the ball bounced from one end of the court to the other – Tiffin triumphed through the first quarter and established supremacy early.

The second quarter saw a huge comeback from Cobham B who caught Tiffin having a 2nd quarter nap. Tiffin’s defence end worked hard against the Cobham attack who had regained some confidence lost in the first quarter. SJ and Lizzie worked well together to keep the ball out of the circle, but Cobham’s crafty lobs into the GS were much better placed in this quarter. Cobham bounced back to regain 2 of their lost goals finishing the quarter 18:13.


Tiffin wasn’t having any of it and when they saw reinforcements arrive from a higher league at half time to bolster the Cobham ranks – Tiffin upped their game. Sophie M was more than a match for the super sub Cobham GA, who was riled early on in the quarter. The Cobham C (a lovely player, she’s got a good netball head on her shoulders) tried hard to rally the troops but Tiffin were not having it and finished the quarter another 2 up 28:21.


In the final quarter, Tiffin brought off the bench star shooter Sophie P whose calm confidence inspired the team towards a 39:30 win. The Cobham super sub went over on her ankle with 30sec on the clock – here’s hoping it wasn’t anything serious. A huge thanks to Clarissa and Sarah P for coming along. Champions!

Tiffin Tans and Squash!

What a match and what a perfect day for the match! The sun was smiling on us creating a great opportunity for Tiffin dress shaped Tans. Tiffin came on all guns blazing but met a worthy opponent in Hillcrest. The first quarter yo yo’d with Hillcrest taking the lead, then Tiffin, then Hillcrest. Lizzie took the WA out of the game and was a created a lot of turnover opportunity. Sophie M and Tess worked together beautifully in the defence end picking up a ton of intercepts. In the attack end, Sophie P capitalised on this with a near perfect shooting average, and Rachel proved a brilliant addition to the team able to easily shake off her defence. Quarter time score: Tiffin in the lead by just one goal.

 Quite a few team changes at quarter time to maximise the use of our brilliant bench. Helen came on in WA and picked up some fantastic intercepts on the fly. Nadia took the C bib and showed us that she didn’t want to take that off as she smashed through the rest of the match in the centre of the court. Tori was brought on to WD to help us bring the ball out of the defence end and did so with grace.  Finished the 2nd quarter another one up to make it 23:21 to Tiffin.

 Claire brought herself off the bench in the 3rd quarter to add some fresh legs in the defence end and realised just how hard the girls were working on court! SJ came back on court in the WA spot with the determination of a Roman army. The girls all clicked in this quarter and the turnovers were rewarded on a consistent basis, Katie working in spectacular style with Rachel in the circle, finishing the third quarter at a whopping 38:27.

 Hillcrest came on in the last quarter determined to shut down our roll, but Tiffin dug their heels in to win the quarter by 2 goals – taking the final time score to 48:35 to Tiffin. It was such a glorious day that it was the first game of the season that no one wanted teas after the match – squash anyone!?

Gale conditions don’t stop Tiffin A team!

Blowing a gale at Tiffin home ground in Cheam, the A team decided to be a bigger force than nature! We were under pressure, last time we won a hard fought match against Teddington Club by just one goal and they were hungry to prove that they were the better team.

After a shaky start that saw Teddington a few goals in the lead, Tiffin fought back with Sarah P’s savvy holds meaning the defence couldn’t get near the ball. It was a solid effort down the court with brilliant mid court defence and beautiful turnover rewards. Carlie was keen to prove herself in her first game for her new club Tiffin – and we’ve never seen someone fit into a team more seamlessly – sorry to the other clubs in the region – she’s joined us! (Welcome aboard Carlie!) Finishing the first quarter 2 goals up, Tiffin didn’t rest on their laurels and made use of the best bench we’ve ever had.

Shaking things up in the defence end in the 2nd quarter with the Sophie’s leading the charge. Sophie M had a cracker of a quarter in GK collecting numerous intercepts. Nadia came on from the bench all guns blazing and had her hand on what seemed like every Teddington ball from her position in the Centre. Still – in our second quarter we were no match for the Teddington defence, who fought back to finish the quarter 2 goals in the lead.

Tiffin responded by bringing on their secret weapon Katie whose smiling style had Teddington at a loss. In what was a sterling quarter, Lizzie lept into effect – keeping the WA right out of the game. Helen had a stormer in GS getting the highest shooting stats of the match. We finished the quarter one in the lead…

Tiffin made use of its depth of squad in this match bringing Tori and Claire back on for the final quarter. Tori put all of her energy into her WA quarter and made sure the ball was where we needed it to be. Sophie N had another winning quarter – enough to earn the respect of the opposition and secure Player of the Match and Sophie M had a stunning quarter in GD – enough to clinch her the coveted Players Player.

On the final whistle Tiffin were ahead by 2 and super proud of the win– another hard fought game against a worthy opponent. It feels good to win against a great team, doesn’t it?

Tiffin A continue strong season with victory against league rival

Saturdays match against Claygate A was another close one for Tiffin A team. So far during the 2013/14 season the A team had won one and lost one against Claygate A. The slightly altered Tiffin A were ready for the fight after a highly productive training session the preceding Monday on attacking down court.

In true Tiffin form the team stormed the first quarter taking the lead by two goals 12-10 with the shooting combination of Kevans and Helen going from strength to strength. Set plays from Laura and Lizzie created clean opportunities for the shooters. In defence Claire and Sophie cut down space effectively and broken the attack rhythm of play. As a result Claygate switched on their usual center at quarter time.

Claygate came back fighting, as expected, and the score drastically altered through the second quarter with first Claygate getting a run of goals followed by Tiffin and then Claygate again. The quarter was a draw and Tiffin remained in the lead: 24-22.  The third quarter combination for Nadia at center and Sophie N at wing attack was lovely to watch with both playing well with the Kevans/Helen shooting combo.  In the other circle Sophie M was dominating the GS and pressure in the circle. Claygate continued to pile on the pressure and clawed back one goal by quarter end meaning Tiffin had a lead of one goal by start of Q4; 34-33.

Laura M came back into wing attack blitzing the centre passes which helped Tiffin to an early run and nice cushioned lead early in the quarter. Claygate kept fighting and brought back the lead from four to one with a couple minutes to go. Tiffin dug in for a tense 90 seconds, passing the ball well and using the full length of the court to secure the win by one goal at the final whistle; 44-43.

Thanks to the supporters who made all the difference – especially; Gwen, Pat and Helens Dad!

Tiffin Junior Tournament is next Sunday (26th January) – please contact Tess is if you can contribute to the refreshment stall.

New Year, New Combinations, Same Old Winning Form.

Blue skies and sunshine for Tiffin A’s match on Saturday. Having cheered on Tiffin C during their nail biting match, Tiffin A were pumped to play the first match after a long winter break filled with mince pies and new year booze. The last match against Gems was a narrow victory for Tiffin; who won by one goal. With changes to the squad announced for the new year a slightly altered Tiffin A were ripe for the challenge.

The first quarter was to set the tone of the game. The low sun made looking down court very difficult for both teams. Adapting the game successfully Tiffin toiled away with short passes and lots of movement to get the ball safely down to the shooters. Feeding to the circle was excellent with dynamic movement between Laura M and Kevans. New combinations in the circle also gelled well throughout the game with Helen adapting to the holding game of Sarah P. By the end of quarter one Tiffin had taken the lead.

Gems came out fighting in the second quarter having swapped their goal shooter and attack around. Tiffin defence had to work hard to breakdown the strong attacking play. Claire danced around her goal shooter forcing long overhead balls and getting the interception as a result. Lizzie at wing defence was reading the set plays and soaring through the air to intercept the ball. This pressure broke down Gems attacking play allowing Tiffin to pull ahead with the added opportunities at goal.

During the third quarter the physicality of the game began to show with some risky challenges. One interception attempt from the opposition was essentially a player running straight through Tori nailing her shoulder in the process. Tori put a brave face on it and tried to carry on (the ultimate fighter) but eventually had to call time and wiz off to hospital to check nothing was broken. With Tori injured the attack had to adjust to new combinations. Sophie N came into centre with some great interceptions down court. Kevans moving back into the circle brought back memories of 2011 with long range shots sailing in. Tiffin only conceded two goals in the last quarter and the match ended with a Tiffin win 39:16.

Tori’s x-ray confirmed nothing was broken – phew! We wish her a speedy recovery and hope she is back to full fitness soon!