• Tiffin Netball Club was founded in 1930 by Maisie Heath as Tiffin Old Girls, just four years after the formation of the All England Women’s Netball Association
  • In the early decades of the Club’s history, it belonged to the London old Girl’s Netball league and was one of the ninety six clubs in 1939
  • After the war, for many years the club fielded two teams; Tiffin A in the Surrey Netball League (SNL) and Tiffin B in the Kingston and District Netball League (KDNL)
  • The first match was on 15th November 1930 against the BBC whose home ground was Motspur Park. There were many more friendly games in those days including fixtures against the lending banks at Roehampton and Norbury and Shell and BP
  • These matches were enjoyed, not least for the teas and venues that boasted facilities for swimming and saunas!

  • In the decade 1980 -90, the club grew with regular weekly training sessions resulting in a much improved standard of netball reflected in the league results and promotions. Tiffin fielded four teams; Tiffin A in the Premier B Division and Tiffin B in Division 4 of the SNL; Tiffin A in Division 1 and Tiffin B in Division 3 of the KDNL. The club however, maintained its friendly reputation as it entered the 1990’s
  • Highlights of the 1990’s included the promotion of Tiffin A to Premier A of the SNL in 1991; winning the KDNL Knock-out cup for the first time against Hersham C; and entering a third team in SNL in 1992
  • Today the club is going from strength to strength competing in the top leagues within South East England. Multiple teams were promoted in the Surrey and Kingston leagues in the 2017/2018 season!