Take us for a spin – Tiffin Trials 2018/19

We’re super excited about trials this year. Netball in England is on the rise and we’re feeling super inspired by our amazing Roses!  Hands up who can’t wait to channel their inner Serena or Jo!

Surrey B jump

We know netball trials can be daunting and lots of women have a go and it can put them off forever. It’s daunting even when you’re already part of a club! So this year, we’re taking a slightly different approach.  We want you to come and try us out on Saturday 16th June and Saturday 7th July.  We are of course looking for experienced players, 4 of our 6 squads enjoyed promotion in the Kingston and Surrey leagues in the 2017/18 season.  We need awesome shooters, centre court and defenders across the club to help keep Tiffin on top.  However we aren’t planning on turning anyone away.  If you’re keen, we’d love for you to stay on and for a few quid a week take part in our pre-season training over the summer.  We just want to help as many women have the opportunity to have fun and improve their fitness playing netball in the sunshine, dreamy!

If you do come and feel completely out of your depth, that’s completely fine too. England Netball run an amazing scheme called Back to Netball that is aimed at getting women back into the sport and we’ll make sure you know where it’s happening locally and when you’re ready, we would love you to come back.

Trials will be held at Tiffin Girls School, Richmond Road, KT2 5PL.
Saturday 16th of June 2018 – 10am to 1pm
Saturday 7th of July 2018 – 10am to 1pm

For those aiming to play competitively, it’s a good idea if you can get along to both dates, it means that you can get to know the players better and the selectors have a better chance to see you play in different combinations.

A bit about our lovely club…

We are one of the largest and oldest clubs in London.  We run six senior squads (Regional, County, Surrey A, Surrey B, Tiffinettes and Tiffin Gold) and have the most amazing junior club.  Players come to Tiffin and stay… Jules….26 years in blue?

Tiffin Gold

Our lower squad trains on a Monday and upper on a Tuesday.  In the winter, we are lucky enough to train indoors at Holy Cross School in Kingston. Matches are played on Saturdays Sep-April.

Last year subs were £210 for the year which includes England Netball affiliation and insurance, summer training, indoor training throughout the winter and league fees. For those studying, Tiffinettes and students, it’s £110. There may be increase depending on our facility hire costs but it’s there or there about. We also offer the option to spread the costs across a few months.

We are very social and have monthly wine nights plus whole club and team socials.

End of season

In 2019, we’re also going on tour to Liverpool to watch the Netball World Cup.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to come and try us. Please fill out the link below to help us plan to make this the best experience for you possible.


Tiffin love x






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