Cobham B plays hard ball

Cobham B were ringing for reinforcements after a first quarter smashing from Tiffin which saw Tiffin in the lead 11 to 4. Captain Claire had given Tiffin a goal: get out there hard, early, and get a healthy lead! With Nadia and Katie leading the charge in the attacking circle Tiffin was on the offence. Tori had a cracker of a quarter in WA leaving her defender in the dust. While there was a quite a lot of time with no goals scored as the ball bounced from one end of the court to the other – Tiffin triumphed through the first quarter and established supremacy early.

The second quarter saw a huge comeback from Cobham B who caught Tiffin having a 2nd quarter nap. Tiffin’s defence end worked hard against the Cobham attack who had regained some confidence lost in the first quarter. SJ and Lizzie worked well together to keep the ball out of the circle, but Cobham’s crafty lobs into the GS were much better placed in this quarter. Cobham bounced back to regain 2 of their lost goals finishing the quarter 18:13.


Tiffin wasn’t having any of it and when they saw reinforcements arrive from a higher league at half time to bolster the Cobham ranks – Tiffin upped their game. Sophie M was more than a match for the super sub Cobham GA, who was riled early on in the quarter. The Cobham C (a lovely player, she’s got a good netball head on her shoulders) tried hard to rally the troops but Tiffin were not having it and finished the quarter another 2 up 28:21.


In the final quarter, Tiffin brought off the bench star shooter Sophie P whose calm confidence inspired the team towards a 39:30 win. The Cobham super sub went over on her ankle with 30sec on the clock – here’s hoping it wasn’t anything serious. A huge thanks to Clarissa and Sarah P for coming along. Champions!


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