Gale conditions don’t stop Tiffin A team!

Blowing a gale at Tiffin home ground in Cheam, the A team decided to be a bigger force than nature! We were under pressure, last time we won a hard fought match against Teddington Club by just one goal and they were hungry to prove that they were the better team.

After a shaky start that saw Teddington a few goals in the lead, Tiffin fought back with Sarah P’s savvy holds meaning the defence couldn’t get near the ball. It was a solid effort down the court with brilliant mid court defence and beautiful turnover rewards. Carlie was keen to prove herself in her first game for her new club Tiffin – and we’ve never seen someone fit into a team more seamlessly – sorry to the other clubs in the region – she’s joined us! (Welcome aboard Carlie!) Finishing the first quarter 2 goals up, Tiffin didn’t rest on their laurels and made use of the best bench we’ve ever had.

Shaking things up in the defence end in the 2nd quarter with the Sophie’s leading the charge. Sophie M had a cracker of a quarter in GK collecting numerous intercepts. Nadia came on from the bench all guns blazing and had her hand on what seemed like every Teddington ball from her position in the Centre. Still – in our second quarter we were no match for the Teddington defence, who fought back to finish the quarter 2 goals in the lead.

Tiffin responded by bringing on their secret weapon Katie whose smiling style had Teddington at a loss. In what was a sterling quarter, Lizzie lept into effect – keeping the WA right out of the game. Helen had a stormer in GS getting the highest shooting stats of the match. We finished the quarter one in the lead…

Tiffin made use of its depth of squad in this match bringing Tori and Claire back on for the final quarter. Tori put all of her energy into her WA quarter and made sure the ball was where we needed it to be. Sophie N had another winning quarter – enough to earn the respect of the opposition and secure Player of the Match and Sophie M had a stunning quarter in GD – enough to clinch her the coveted Players Player.

On the final whistle Tiffin were ahead by 2 and super proud of the win– another hard fought game against a worthy opponent. It feels good to win against a great team, doesn’t it?


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