New Year, New Combinations, Same Old Winning Form.

Blue skies and sunshine for Tiffin A’s match on Saturday. Having cheered on Tiffin C during their nail biting match, Tiffin A were pumped to play the first match after a long winter break filled with mince pies and new year booze. The last match against Gems was a narrow victory for Tiffin; who won by one goal. With changes to the squad announced for the new year a slightly altered Tiffin A were ripe for the challenge.

The first quarter was to set the tone of the game. The low sun made looking down court very difficult for both teams. Adapting the game successfully Tiffin toiled away with short passes and lots of movement to get the ball safely down to the shooters. Feeding to the circle was excellent with dynamic movement between Laura M and Kevans. New combinations in the circle also gelled well throughout the game with Helen adapting to the holding game of Sarah P. By the end of quarter one Tiffin had taken the lead.

Gems came out fighting in the second quarter having swapped their goal shooter and attack around. Tiffin defence had to work hard to breakdown the strong attacking play. Claire danced around her goal shooter forcing long overhead balls and getting the interception as a result. Lizzie at wing defence was reading the set plays and soaring through the air to intercept the ball. This pressure broke down Gems attacking play allowing Tiffin to pull ahead with the added opportunities at goal.

During the third quarter the physicality of the game began to show with some risky challenges. One interception attempt from the opposition was essentially a player running straight through Tori nailing her shoulder in the process. Tori put a brave face on it and tried to carry on (the ultimate fighter) but eventually had to call time and wiz off to hospital to check nothing was broken. With Tori injured the attack had to adjust to new combinations. Sophie N came into centre with some great interceptions down court. Kevans moving back into the circle brought back memories of 2011 with long range shots sailing in. Tiffin only conceded two goals in the last quarter and the match ended with a Tiffin win 39:16.

Tori’s x-ray confirmed nothing was broken – phew! We wish her a speedy recovery and hope she is back to full fitness soon!


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