Pre-match drama reduced Tiffin A to a flat 7 for big game

Tiffin started the warm-up at Claygate with 9 players on Saturday 14th December. Within minutes the number dropped to 8 due to Tori succumbing to the food poising bug that had been plaguing her through the week. Looking quite similar to ghost she valiantly stayed on to cheer Tiffin (thanks Tori!). The next disaster stuck home 5 minutes before the match when Tiffin’s umpire still had not turned up. Despite using all 15 precious minutes of Surrey League allotted leeway time – there was still no figure in white approaching the courts. Captain Claire and Vice Emma were forced to have one of the players (who fortunately is a C award umpire) step out of the game and on to the side-line as Tiffin’s designated umpire. Now down to a flat 7 had to work compete with a full force Claygate team.

In quarter one, Tiffin A fought hard with new combinations in the defence end and mid-court. Claygate pulled ahead in the first five minutes but Tiffin soon came back; ending the first quarter only one goal down. The fight back stalled slightly in quarter two with Claygate pulling ahead with a series of unforced errors. Swift action by Captain Claire at half time saw the whole team change their positions. Emma at center altered the tempo of Tiffin’s game and, complimented by Laura at WA, fed the circle effectively. Equally shifting Helen into the circle alongside Emily boosted Tiffin’s shooting. Despite the big change Tiffin were still down by 10 at the end of Q3. Keeping the team consistent for the final quarter – the fight was on.  Tiffin built on their third quarter momentum. With pressure in the end third from Ro and Lizzie creating turnovers and those being converted into goals from the attack. Tiffin looked like their usual selves again – and won the quarter by 4. Sadly this meant the team lost by 6 goals overall 34-24. Tiffin played hard and for a flat 7 performed brilliantly against a fantastic Claygate team. Thanks again to Tori for persevering through the illness to cheer us all on!

Christmas cheer

Thanks also to Tiffin B for organising a cheeky Christmas drink at the Alexandra on Saturday after the respective matches. Although you never mentioned to Tiffin A that you would all be showering and looking glamorous ……which became apparent when we arrived looking all bedraggled in kit fresh from the match……we still have a fabulous time with plenty of post-match analysis and friendly banter with the lovely ladies of Tiffin! Merry Christmas to all and hope you have a Happy New Year!


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