Nail-biting draw salvages a point for the A Team

Another cold winters day on Saturday for Tiffin NC. Tiffin A played Teddington Swans away at their home ground. The teams were at other ends of the league from each other – with Tiffin going in to the match as top of the table and the Swans at the bottom. However the game did not show this difference with the Swans showing strength from the start and going up with a run of goals in the first 5 minutes. To add to the drama – in a moment of confusion Laura M, playing center, threw a ball aimed at Emily into the circle and it instead soared straight through the net with a SWOOSH! There was no time for Laura to celebration as the ball was quickly turned over (being technically a pass and not a goal). Tiffin pulled back from the early break and settled with the quarter ending on with one in it. The game continued to be tough in the second quarter. The oppositions’ shooting was very accurate helping them to maintain the score line. Pressure put on by Tiffin attack when the opposition was bring the ball down the court was exceptional and created much needed turnovers. Ro came into goal defence in the third quarter, putting pressure on round the circle and getting some great tips as a result. The final quarter was very tense. Although one goal down at the start Tiffin slipped to four down during the last ten minutes of the match. Slowly and surely Tiffin chipped away at their lead bringing it back to one goal down with 2 minutes go. Finally a much needed turnover came from a breaking at center and the Tiffin side capatialised. By the time the whistle was blown the score was 42-42; a great fight from both teams.


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