Home match success for Tiffin A

Each of the four Tiffin teams had fixtures at home (Non Such High School) last Saturday. First win of the day was at 10am when the Tiffin C game (due to start at 11am) was dramatically cancelled, just an hour in advance, which meant the C’s took the points without having to step on court.

Following last week’s win, Tiffin A were facing the same Cobham team in the Surrey league. Knowing the Cobham team were going to come out fighting for vengeance after the last match, Captain Claire rallied the troops with one of her trade mark pre-match speeches which one may paraphrase to: “Lets smash this”. As if following orders Tiffin A rose to the challenge going out strong, with a lead of 16-12 at the end of Q1. Tiffin continued their strong shooting form, even though we had a different GS and GA playing this week, with both shooters hitting over 80% of their shoots in every quarter.  Great shooting coupled with a solid defence push Tiffin further in the lead in Q2 (33-22). The game settled in the second half with some strong defence by the Cobham GD and flawless feeds into the circle by Cobham WA; reining in Tiffin’s goal difference. However not even this show of skills could stop Tiffin steaming to victory having won each quarter the final result was a WIN 61-43.

To celebrate the days’ performances Tiffin headed to Putney for a social which was a great opportunity for a cheeky pint and chinwag with ladies from all teams. Thanks to our delightful social secretaries (Nadia, Amy and Katie) for organising.


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