Tiffin B & C Friendly Match

Yesterday evening a mixed squad of Tiffin’s B and C squads headed out to Rayne’s Park for a friendly training match against Barnes Netball Club. It was a wet, windy and thundery evening – and at times the netball played reflected the constantly changing weather conditions! There were flashes of brilliance: great shooting from Lizzy, excellent defence from Jo and Ro and some beautiful mid-court drives and SHOULDER PASSES (!) from the speedy Katy. There were also lots of areas we could definitely improve on, and it was useful to play a match in quite bad weather conditions as we will definitely be getting rather soggy again between now and April! Unfortunately we weren’t the winning team at the end of the match, but we have lots to take away and work on ready for the rest of the season.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Barnes Netball Club for having us and to Debbie, Julie and Jo for sharing the umpiring.


1 thought on “Tiffin B & C Friendly Match

  1. Well done ladies for getting out there and thanks again to Barnes NC. Sorry I missed it, but hopefully getting healthy for our match on Saturday.

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