Club 99 – Preseason training has started with a bang!

This week saw Tiffin getting in shape with a spot of pre-season training that involved ‘Club 99’…. think 99 Ab Crunches, 99 Star jumps, 99 Knee Lifts and you’ll get the picture. Despite a few sore muscles the next day, the whole club did a great job – with some people even saying that they had enjoyed it! Preseason training continues with another circuits session this week – the plank and squats are making an appearance. Thankfully the sun is out and the green spaces of South West London are beckoning.

A few girls are even doing their exercises on holiday – and of course there will be a fantastic prize for photo evidence of planks in the most exotic destinations! We’ve got Greece and Qatar so far… Keep up the good work Tiffin!


3 thoughts on “Club 99 – Preseason training has started with a bang!

  1. Clarissa: Session 2 done before lunch!….. disappointing location though (Euston, London). Doesn’t look like I’m in the running for the prize 😦

  2. Left it last minute but completed tonight! Didn;t know what some of the exercise were so improvised. Probs going to be aching tomorrow night for fitness then!

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